One Woman Gives Us A Clear & Unwitting Clue
Recognize this castle?

If so, then you (a) live in Japan, (b) have been to Japan, or (c) have some knowledge of Japan.

Or (d) you read Jean Folger's 'The Best Cities To Retire To In Japan', a pile of presumptive rubbish that I recently deconstructed on Jeopardy!

This castle has nothing to do with that article. Rather, this is the exact image that appears after the article, next to the title of another recent Jean Folger fart, 'A Foreigner's Guide to Retiring In Japan'.

In that piece, the Far-East-facing retiree is fed the following inspired morsels:

"While Japan is an easy country to visit..."
-- Easy how? Easy to get to? Easy to get into? This is about as helpful as saying 'The Pacific is an easy ocean to swim in.'

"Another option, if you are married to a Japanese citizen, is a spouse visa."
-- Let's hear a huge 'Thanks Jean' for that keen, insightful bit. Those of us with Japanese spouses would have never thought of it. You're a life saver.

"A quick peak at a Tokyo apartment rental website..."
-- (That clickety-clack you hear is the sound of the spelling police riding in on their keyboards.)

"You can save money by being mindful of your water, gas and electricity usage."
-- I...smell...Pulitzer!

"You can apply for a Japanese visa at Japanese consulates and embassies worldwide..."
-- Thanks Jean, I've been having absolutely no luck at The Sushi Boat.

"...hospitals and clinics generally use the most advanced medical equipment and techniques available."
-- And people writing about things they have no clue about generally use the most basic and uninspired phrases available.

Which brings us back to that picture. What is it doing there? I was all excited about retiring to a Japanese castle, then Jean goes and crushes me by taking a quick PEAK at the exhorbitant rates on that Tokyo apartment rental website. $1,500 a month for a 440 square foot studio? I'll almost never be able to afford to live in a Designated National Treasure! That castle should be replaced - with a picture of a spouse visa, or a hospital with the most advanced medical equipment available perhaps.

Put that castle image next to Jean's piece about why Tokyo, Yokohama, Fukuoka, Sapporo and Kyoto are the best Japanese cities to retire in. No matter that the castle in the picture is in Matsumoto.

Considering the breadth of Jean's knowledge of Japan, it would actually be perfect.

Note: If I didn't live in Japan I probably wouldn't recognize that as Matsumoto Castle either. I wouldn't know much about Japan at all. Nor would I be trying to write about it like I did. Unless it paid well.


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09/09/2016 3:04pm

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02/10/2017 9:54pm

I have never been in Japan, but I always wanted to visit there. I have heard that Japan is a country that is very rich in culture. In addition to that, the people who reside there are well disciplined and knows how to respect other people. I am not familiar with the picture of the castle that you included in your post. I hope one day I will be given the chance to experience the culture of Japan.

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