Japan's Blind, Limbess Figure of Good Fortune

Spend a little time in Japan and you are bound to come across a peculiar sort of doll, a red and round human-ish creature with no arms or legs. He may or may not have eyes. He sports some pretty fancy facial hair. If you knock him over he’ll bounce back upright. And if you are lucky, he’ll grant your greatest wish.
Japan’s Daruma (達磨) represent perseverance and good luck. Imbued with symbolism, their origins are tied to the highest aspirations of Buddhism. People buy them – and burn them to ashes – every year. A quick peek 1,500 years into the past explains.


02/29/2016 4:31am

Good to see this post about the Japan's Blind, Limbess Figure of Good Fortune. The way they do all this is so amazing and it is a great idea to watch it live. There are a lot of great cultures in the world and it is god to explore it.

11/12/2016 2:10pm

These wooden heads are so beautiful. Their designs are so intricate. It reminds me of Lord Jagganath from India. It is amazing how some popular characters or instruments from China or Japan always have its version from other regions like India. It makes us feel we are all one and of the same lineage. Thank you for sharing these pictures. They are really lovely.

12/20/2016 8:48pm

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