My sons, ages 7 and 5, have absolutely no sense of priority. You guys want to check out the cherry blossoms first then go eat lunch, or go eat lunch first and then check out the blossoms?

Actually, I was kind of hungry too.

We could see Kobo-yama from our table in the restaurant. That might have lent some consolation to my wife.
Kobo-yama (弘法山) has two claims to fame. First, it is the home of a tumulus that dates from the late 3rd or early 4th Century. This grave-marking mound of dirt sits near the top Kobo-yama, and bears a resemblance in shape to Kobo-yama itself - at least from this angle. The path to the peak of mighty Kobo runs directly over the top of this tumulus, with no signs screaming out to me in English what I'm actually walking and spitting on.

I didn't realize until after the fact that I was walking on top of a pile of dirt someone made 1,000 years before Columbus set sail. Therefore I have no pictures of it.

That it was eminently unstriking may be of some consolation to you.

Kobo-yama's other point of interest is slightly more apparent, as seen above and below.
It was quite cloudy. And I don't like photoshopping my pictures. So what you see here is exactly what it was like for those of us up on top of Kobo-yama. Minus the cool breeze.
My wife snapped a few shots of the boys once she finally got them to stop running around like the monkeys that they are. Meanwhile my daughter was on a beautiful mission to see just how much uneven terrain she could conquer with her walker.
I lived in Matsumoto during cherry blossom season in 2003. Then too the weather was less than perfect. We might have waited until another day, to come see this amazing display under clearer, sunnier skies. But forecasts come with no guarantees. And the petals will soon start to fall. Bottom line though, the kids had a blast. And they got lunch.
Come to think of it, it was perfect.


08/01/2015 6:52pm

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