These guys look cold to you?

Of course not, you say. They're made of flipping stone, idiot.

That may be true, but they've been sitting out there for a while.

Since 1331 to be exact.

These guys reside a couple miles up the road from my home in Matsumoto, Japan. They sit on a terraced, 8-foot-high stone thing.  They have this peaceful, Zen thing going on.
I ain't buying it.

Still, living in a place that was established at the same time the Bubonic Plague was running rampant across much of the civilized world is pretty damn cool. I'll take a wild guess and say that these guys haven't been here quite that long but I bet they were here a long time before I ever showed up - and will be around long after I am gone, and possibly almost until the time I am forgotten.

Toku-un-ji sits in a quiet place, along a road that runs up into the mountains of eastern Nagano. Only one other person appeared while I wandered the modest grounds. He didn't seem as taken with the place - or the age of the place - as I was.

I can't adequately relate how it feels to walk in an ancient place. But I can show you a few pictures.

Toku-un-ji sits in a quiet place, along a road that runs up into the mountains of eastern Nagano. Only one other person appeared while I wandered the modest grounds. He didn't seem as taken with the place - or the age of the place - as I was.

I can't adequately relate how it feels to walk in an ancient place. But I can show you a few pictures.


09/09/2015 3:54pm

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01/24/2016 12:02am

You guys don't charge much do you?

02/25/2017 4:37am

It's so cool to read a blog about the historical tourist spots of Japan. Japan have a lot of historical tourist spots mostly the temples. Toku-un-ji is quite old enough to believe that it is still sitting on the place where it is located. Just like the blogger said, that stones already known before he came but that stones can be still known even he didn't came there. This tourist spots are very important for one's place. This may signifies the said location whatever the story is.

05/15/2017 7:20pm

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12/11/2016 7:48pm

Very beutiful place! I'd like to see how does it looks like at spring!

05/16/2017 3:40pm

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Toku-un-ji was able to preserve the ancient feeling it gives to the visitors. Truly, an experience here would be a memorable one. Exploring old cities in Japan would be a great experience because you can actually see how Japanese give so much importance to their culture. Not all races can have it since most of us want to cope up with modernization. The photos were great representation of how beautiful Toku-un-ji is!

05/17/2017 3:44pm

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